Our Church


The Rt. Rev. Rocco A. Florenza, Rector

Bishop of the Diocese of the Resurrection

The Venerable Rev. Bruce R. Bellmore, Archdeacon of the Diocese

The Very Rev. Canon Daniel Griffin, Associate of the Cathedral

Mr. Lyle Rabetoy, Sacristan

Mr. Mark Stifel, Lay Reader and Cantor

Mrs. Linda Florenza and Mrs. Sylvia Abad, Altar Guild

Church Officers

Mark Stifel, Senior Warden

Nick Kozey, Junior Warden

Gayle Griffin, Treasurer

Vacant – as appointed, Clerk

Laura Carr, Vestry

Denise Jankovic, Vestry, Sunday School Director

ACW Co-Presidents

Mrs. Linda Florenza, Mrs. Sylvia Abad, Ms. Laura Carr

Our Vision

The Vision of the Anglican Church of the Resurrection is to strengthen families through classical biblical Christian values, to reach out to young people through the stability of the unchanging Christian Tradition passed on from earliest times, and preserve and teach the rich treasure that is the classical Anglican way of faith.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a genuine and living relationship with God through Christ; a stable and loving church home to all people seeking God’s truth; to provide pastoral care to those who struggle with addictions and life’s hardships; to instruct people in the Christian faith in such a way that it leads to stability, freedom, and blessing.